The ADA Café

ADA Café curates digital spaces and services, connecting people and ideas aimed at accelerating growth of Cardano adoption, innovation, and value to people (Team Human). The ADA Café is a cooperative, multidisciplinary hub designed to make progress and achieve more of our intended purpose.

Community, Creators & Curation

Educate and expand the Cardano community, build relationships with creators, curate for collectors. The ADA Café will emphasize onboarding new people, teams, and organization, being the spark that binds the community together so we may transform to something great.

Technology & Tools

Provide peerless technical services and guidance to the Cardano community -- present and future. We aim to push the ecosystem forward by creating new products & services and seeking opportunities to onboard new individuals and organizations.

Capital & Governance

Lead ADA Café to become a decentralized organization. To accomplish this, the Capital & Governance team must create proper governance, incentives, and systems to form a truly autonomous organization.